Version Titan | Intellivision

4-TRIS (World).int
ABPA Backgammon (World).int
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin (World).int
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (World).int
Armor Battle (World).int
Astrosmash (World).int
Atlantis (World).int
Auto Racing (World).int
B-17 Bomber (World).int
BeamRider (World).int
Beauty and the Beast (World).int
Blockade Runner (World).int
Body Slam - Super Pro Wrestling (World).int
Bomb Squad (World).int
Boxing (World).int
Bump 'N' Jump (World).int
BurgerTime (World).int
Buzz Bombers (World).int
Carnival (World).int
Centipede (World).int
Championship Tennis (World).int
Checkers (World).int
Chip Shot - Super Pro Golf (World).int
Commando (World).int
Congo Bongo (World).int
Deep Pockets - Super Pro Pool and Billiards (World).int
Defender (World).int
Demon Attack (World).int
Dig Dug (World).int
Diner (World).int
Donkey Kong (World).int
Donkey Kong Jr (World).int
Dracula (World).int
Dragonfire (World).int
Dreadnaught Factor, The (World).int
Duncan's Thin Ice (World).int
Electric Company - Math Fun (World).int
Electric Company - Word Fun (World).int
Fathom (World).int
Frog Bog (World).int
Frogger (World).int
Game Factory (World).int
Grid Shock (World).int
Happy Trails (World).int
Hard Hat (World).int
Horse Racing (World).int
Hover Force (World).int
Ice Trek (World).int
Jetsons, The - Ways With Words (World).int
Kool-Aid Man (World).int
Lady Bug (World).int
Land Battle (World).int
Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker (World).int
Las Vegas Roulette (World).int
League of Light (World).int
Learning Fun I - Math Master Factor Fun (World).int
Learning Fun II - Word Wizard Memory Fun (World).int
Lock 'N' Chase (World).int
Loco-Motion (World).int
Magic Carousel (World).int
Major League Baseball (World).int
Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man! (World).int
Melody Blaster (World).int
Meteor (World).int
Microsurgeon (World).int
Mind Strike! (World).int
Mine Hunter (World).bin
Mission X (World).int
Moto-Cross (World).int
Mountain Madness - Super Pro Skiing (World).int
Mouse Trap (World).int
Mr. Basic Meets Bits 'N Bytes (World).int
NASL Soccer (World).int
NBA Basketball (World).int
NFL Football (World).int
NHL Hockey (World).int
Night Stalker (World).int
Nova Blast (World).int
Number Jumble (World).int
Pac-Man (World).int
PBA Bowling (World).int
PGA Golf (World).int
Pinball (World).int
Pitfall! (World).int
Pole Position (World).int
Popeye (World).int
Q-bert (World).int
Reversi (World).int
River Raid (World).int
Robot Rubble (World).int
Royal Dealer (World).int
Safecracker (World).int
Scooby Doo's Maze Chase (World).int
Sea Battle (World).int
Sewer Sam (World).int
Shark! Shark! (World).bin
Sharp Shot (World).int
Slam Dunk - Super Pro Basketball (World).int
Slap Shot - Super Pro Hockey (World).int
Snafu (World).int
Space Armada (World).int
Space Battle (World).int
Space Cadet (World).int
Space Hawk (World).int
Space Spartans (World).int
Spiker! - Super Pro Volleyball (World).int
Stadium Mud Buggies (World).int
Stampede (World).int
Star Strike (World).int
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (World).int
Stonix (World).bin
Sub Hunt (World).int
Super Cobra (World).int
Super Pro Decathlon (World).int
Super Pro Football (World).int
Swords & Serpents (World).int
Takeover (World).int
Tennis (World).int
Thunder Castle (World).int
Tower of Doom (World).int
Triple Action (World).int
Triple Challenge (World).int
TRON - Deadly Discs (World).int
TRON - Maze-A-Tron (World).int
TRON - Solar Sailer (World).int
Tropical Trouble (World).int
Truckin' (World).int
Turbo (World).int
Tutankham (World).int
U.S. Ski Team Skiing (World).int
USCF Chess (World).int
Utopia (World).int
Vectron (World).int
Venture (World).int
White Water! (World).int
World Championship Baseball (World).int
World Cup Soccer (World).int
World Series Major League Baseball (World).int
Worm Whomper (World).int
Zaxxon (World).int